Building an Innovative Learning Organization

Coming February 2016
by Russell Sarder, click here to purchase this book.

ISBN-10: 1119157455
ISBN-13: 978-1119157458
Building an Innovative Learning Organization is Russell’s third book.

Institute a culture of learning to boost organizational performance and agility
What makes organizations successful? Today, most successful companies are learning
organizations. Building an Innovative Learning Organization shows you how to join their ranks
and bring your organization up to the head of the class. This book is a practical, actionable guide
on how to boost performance, successfully manage change, and innovate more quickly. Learning
organizations are composed of engaged, motivated employees who continually seek
improvement, which leads to organizational agility and the ability to innovate ahead of the curve.
When you encourage learning at every level, from the intern to the C suite, you gain a more
highly skilled workforce with a greater ability to act in any situation.
Building an Innovative Learning Organization shows you how to create this culture in your
organization, with detailed explanations, practical examples, and step-by-step instructions so you
can get started right away. Written by a recognized thought leader in the training industry, this
informative and insightful guide is your roadmap to a more effective organization. You will
discover how to:
• Attract, retain, and motivate the best employees
• Become a more innovative and agile organization
• Create a culture of continuous self-improvement
• Encourage learning at all levels and translate it into action
Learning and education doesn’t end at graduation—it’s a lifelong process that keeps you relevant,
informed, and better able to achieve your goals. These same benefits apply at the organizational
level, making the culture self-sustaining: learning organizations attract top workers, who drive
the organization forward, which attracts more top workers. If you want the best people, you have
to be their best option. Building an Innovative Learning Organization gives you a blueprint for
building a culture of learning, for a stronger, more robust organization.